1978        BA, Univ.  Of Maryland

2015        Guggenheim Fellowship


2017       IZU and Politics of Flowers, IZU Photo Museum, Clematis-no-Oka, Japan

2016       As the Crow Flies, w/William Wylie, Blitz Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2015       Notes, Irie Taikichi Museum of Photography, Nara, Japan

2014       Gift, w/Rinko Kawauchi, IMA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014       Hidden Sites, Blitz Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2013       Past and Present, Leica Gallery, Washington, DC

2012       Between Maple and Chestnut, Blitz International Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2012       Woods, Huerich Gallery, Washington, DC
2011       Lana, Colette, Paris, France
2011       Woods II, Civilian Arts Project, Washington, DC
2011       Yes, Sunlight, Ruffin Hall Gallery, UVA, Charlottesville, VA
2010       Another Summer, Blitz International Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2009       Woods. Civilian Arts Project, Washington, DC
2009       Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred Univ., Alfred, NY
2008       Lana, Blitz International Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
2008       Lana, Blitz International Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2003       Snake Eyes, Daiter Contemporary, Chicago, IL.
2003       Snake Eyes, Photo eye Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M.
2002       Snake Eyes, Addison Ripley Fine Art, Washington, D.C.
2001       Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, Mass.
2001       Photographs, Addison Ripley Fine Art, Washington, D.C.
2001       Certain Days, Simayspace, San Diego,Ca.
2000       Photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M.
2000       Shapiro Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.
2000       Verso Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1999       Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Az.
1999       Shapiro Gallery, San Fransisco, Ca.
1999       Jackson Fine Arts, Atlanta, Ga
1991       Java, San Diego, Ca.


2013       Lost Home, Colette, Paris, France

2013       Planche(s) Contact, Deauville, France

2012       Time and Land, Blue, a video, Civilian Art Projects, Wash, DC
2010       Photoeye, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2008       Picturing Eden, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, Ca.
2007       Picturing Eden, Univ. of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, Iowa
2007       Garten Eden, Kunsthalle Emden, Emden, Germany
2007       Botanica, Carroll Square Gallery, Washington, DC
2007       Flower Power, Blitz International, Tokyo, Japan
2006       Constructed Nature, WPA/C Washington DC Web Show
2006       Picturing Eden, Eastman House, Rochester, NY
2006       Verborgen Terreinen, Nooderlicht, Leens, Netherlands
2005       Rrose Selavy, Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.
2005       In Focus: Contemporary Photographs from the Allen G. Thomas Jr. Collection,  North Carolina Museum of Art
2005       Stichting Fotografie Noorderlicht, Groningen, Netherlands
2004       Gallery Artists, Daiter Contemporary, Chicago, Il.
2003       Wachstum, Schonheit und Verganglichkeit, Culturalaffairs, Munich, Germany
2001        Sense of Space, Noorderlicht, Groningen, The Netherlands
2000        Images from the Last Ten Years, Jackson Fine Arts, Atlanta,Ga.
2000        Chorus of Light, High Museum, Atlanta. Ga.
1999        Humidity, Jackson Fine Arts, Atlanta,Ga.
1990        Best of Show, Museum of Photographic Arts Annual Awards Exhibition                                                    
1989        Museum of Photographic Arts Annual Awards Exhibition, San Diego, Ca.
1979        Some Photographs, University of Maryland Art Gallery

Sir Elton John Photography Collection
Museum Ludwig, Koln, Germany
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, Ca.
Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, Ca.
Center for Creative Photography, Tucson,Az.
Sprengel Museum Hanover, Hanover,Germany